Here comes the who are you and what do you do bit.


I have worked in the creative/cultural industry for four years. Having studied History and Philosophy of Art – Film at University of Kent, I developed interests that led me to carry out research projects for Canterbury Museums and support art events in Folkestone, Margate, Canterbury and Whitstable.

I then managed two community gallery spaces in Whitstable and organised in-house exhibitions and brought in new artists to show their work. My final work was an ACE-funded project,  part of the Journeys with the Waste Land satellite programme, which saw two new commissions in sculpture, sound and public engagement.

Currently based in Croydon and working in London, I am interested in art writing, art research and event production. I read a lot. I shamelessly reclassify my morning stretches as ‘yoga’. I see exhibitions without talking to anyone. I cook with a 60% success rate (up from 25%). I can only draw one animal (cat) and even that is questionable. I look for another person to collarabote with – on projects, on writing, on podcasts maybe? – because despite everything I have just said, I am really not that bad.


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