Fictions and frogs of Dora Budor

Dora Budor (b.1984, Croatia) is a young artist living and working in New York whose work has also appeared in a few exhibitions staged in London. Her sculptures and larger installations are built from real film props, that is objects that were originally made for the camera eye and cinematic mediation instead of the naked human eye. Interestingly though, the final objects often resemble networks and structures found in a human body and provoke strangely unsettling, yet captivating feelings. Their combination of architectural and anatomical referents makes one veer from ‘This is me’ to ‘This is not me’.

Facing her earlier works that look like cross-sections of ear structures or ant hills defined by warped tunnels or, most recently, overhead coloured lights gently glowing through their frog contents, one feels lured into a darker, enigmatic world of sculpture matter, built environment and story-telling.

Watch Dora speaking about her work and some of her motivations:

Read Dora’s own thoughts on photographs and films that she finds ‘most arresting’:

Portfolio: Dora Budor

Another video delving deeper into Dora’s investigations of cinematic production techniques and the relationship between fact and fiction:

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