Art Piece From Around Town: Brewery Tap

Clarissa Beveridge and Camilla Bliss are two out of six artists selected by Threads for their DYI exhibition at The Brewery Tap in Folkestone. Focusing on the notions of process, fluid arrangement and short-lived, particular moments, the exhibition reflected pertinent themes in the contemporary art discourse. The curatorial team has also organised a panel discussion that incisively talked about the relevance of MA degrees and institutional art education in general, especially when many other non-academic, alternative forms of education are increasingly more available (and often preferred).

Clarissa’s work attracted a lot of attention, its mystifying assemblage of cables, threads, knots, grids and prints layering modernist sensibility over her studio experiments. Camilla’s ‘Soup Garden’ was situated right next to Clarissa’s and its seductive, round forms cleverly offset the previous hard horizontals and verticals. The exhibition also featured works in moving image that further prompted questions about touch, intuition and collection, embodying the exhibition’s main premise while¬†highlighting some key aspects of the DYI art projects mushrooming in the area.






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